CQAG Offers a Complete Range of Quality Assurance Management, Testing & Inspection Services.

Our highly trained and experienced team members offer a wide range of capabilities which afford a tremendous amount of added value to any project beginning with plan reviews and investigative services.

Having a consultant with this level of expertise in quality assurance is of unique benefit, reducing unnecessary costs and maintaining construction momentum. CQAG leverages a dynamic talent pool with exceptional experience in all facets of construction quality assurance, compliance and certifications.

Quality Assurance Program Services:

  • Quality Assurance Project Manager/Quality Assurance Program Manager
  • General Construction Document Reviews/Constructability Reviews
  • Project Analysis & Assessment Resolution Consulting Services
  • Construction Specialist (Q. A. Documents/Administrative)

General Construction/Building Inspection:

  • General Building (ICC/Lic. GC)
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing (ICC/CBS/Lic. GC)
  • Roofing Specialist
  • Glued-Laminated Wood Members
  • Architectural Finishes
  • Relocatable/Modular/HCD
  • Access Compliance (DSA Casp)
  • Access Compliance (ICC/ICBO)
  • DSA Certified Project Inspector, Class 4, 3, 2, & 1
  • DSA Certified Inspector, Class 4, 3, 2, & 1 (Asst. Inspector Status)
  • OSHPD Inspector-of-Record, Class C, B, A
  • Special Cases (restoration investigation)

Public Works Inspection:

  • Public Works Inspector (ACIA Certified)
  • Project Manager
  • Resident Engineer

Certified Special Inspector: (ICC/ICBO, ACI, DSA, OSHPD, ACIA, AWS, CWI, PCA/PCI)

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Structural Masonry
  • Structural Masonry (TTL 24)
  • Pre-stressed Concrete
  • Structural Steel Welding/Assembly-Field/Shop
  • Structural Steel Bolting
  • Spray-Applied Fireproofing
  • Pile Driving
  • Insulating Concrete Fill
  • Reinforced Gypsum Concrete
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Tilt-Up/Pre-cast Construction
  • Shotcrete/Gunite
  • Epoxy-Grouted/Expansion Anchor Installation
  • Special Cases

Expert Witness Registered/Certified Construction Inspector or Q. A. Manager

CQAG Brings Added Value to Every Project

CQAG has an extremely dynamic approach to project involvement. It is one of the many reasons why you have the most qualified team at your fingertips when selecting us to service your projects' quality assurance and inspection demands. We provide all our clients with an unparalleled quality assurance management experience. One that includes a comprehensive quality assurance package allowing you to save time and money, while achieving the highest level of project satisfaction.

At CQAG we believe that a positive working relationship between all team members, and the quality assurance representatives, is of crucial importance to a successful overall build-out of any project/program. With CQAG on-site, you will be retaining the premier services of a quality assurance management, testing and inspection team with the expertise and experience to assure a successful project outcome with an unsurpassed level of professionalism.

CQAG Promise of Quality

Our promise to all of our clients is this; our inspection and/or quality assurance personnel will conduct their duties in a professional manner at all times. Our quality assurance management, testing and inspection team implements a comprehensive tracking and reporting system, beginning from the notice-to-proceed through to the completion of the sensitive close-out process. CQAG will handle any issue in a positive and productive manner with a constructive approach. We will ensure that aspects/requirements of the contract documents are promptly, accurately, and correctly implemented. Finally, reports will be prompt, accurate, and delivered in a timely manner.